If you’re facing challenges at work, a lack of performance, mental blocks or self-questioning, making you feel like you’re turning around a roundabout, Stephenson Coaching will accompany you in finding the key to your problems and being certain of taking the right direction.
If you need to shift into a higher gear and become more at ease in English by obtaining fundamental communication techniques, Stephenson Coaching will help you to reach your objectives and to fully achieve your potential.

Executive coaching
Professional Coaching (in English or in French) Being accompanied by an executive coach will allow you to have a clearer vision of the problems you are currently facing, to put things into perspective and to better manage your career by finding the solutions that are the best adapted to your own circumstances.   Read more
Specialised coaching

Speaking in Public: captivate your audience with a convincing and natural presentation in English.
Read more

Coaching in intercultural communication: Communicate effectively and appropriately with business partners of different cultures. Read more

Express yourself confidently in English: boost your chances of succeeding in your career by reaching the level of English your company requires of you and that you require of yourself.  Read more

Ericksonian Hypnosis
Ericksonian hypnosis allows you to achieve your highest and most ambitious aspirations, whether they be professional or personal.   Read more

Stephenson Coaching is based in Paris.

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